We are SEO copywriter specialists located in Malmö, Sweden. Copywriting for your website is a long term SEO strategy that drives Google search traffic to your business. If you Google searched for English copywriter in Malmö or Sweden our site www.copywritesweden.com was a top result and our SEO copywriting can do the same for your website. Copywriteweden can develop your business blog, product descriptions and website copy to drive traffic to your site through higher search engine results and UX (user experience) focused copy will generate more leads and sales. Your needs are important to us and we want to solve problems quickly so you can get back to business.
Copywritesweden loves small Swedish companies

We love small companies!

We have been working along startups and small companies in Malmö and all over Sweden for years. You do not have to be a small company to work with us just willing to work with a small group of dedicated nerds.

English SEO copy

Getting to the top of Google search results is important for your business and ours too. That is probably how you found us. We are SEO nerds and love the challenge of getting to the top!

Swedish designers

We love Swedish design. Our developers use negative space to make websites that are free from clutter so your message gets through clearly.

Social Media Managers

Teaching the tricks of the trade with social media has been one of our main request from our clients. We have been able to gather a combined following of over 250k followers for our clients and that number is growing everyday.

We use WordPress

An overwhelming portion of the website on the internet today are WordPress so we decided to make that our business. We customized WordPress to fit your needs.

Content Production

Do you want to make a podcast, product photos or video or even an event? Then we can make sure that process runs smoothly. We have all the equipment needed to make whatever content you need.


These numbers vary, especially the number of cups of coffee. We have a lot experience making WordPress websites and English SEO content. Let's have a fika and discuss what we can do for you.









We are a relatively small group of English SEO copywriters and WordPress website developers that all like nerding out on making stuff. Creating content and publishing it on social media as well as WordPress is our main interest. Most of us are located in Malmö and yes we do have our favorite falafel shop, just ask.


Want a quote on building a WordPress site, English SEO copywriting for your site, or how much it will be to translate a document from Swedish to English? Just send us over a message and we will get right back to you.


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E-Mail: info@copywritesweden.se


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